Sunday, August 17, 2008

New patterns I picked up!

While searching around Etsy yesterday, I picked up 4 new patterns!

I picked up the pattern for these adorable baby work boots from

Cape Cod Consignments. She has a wonderful array of products

patterns. She even allows you to sell your finished products!

I've been searching for an easy sock pattern and I found it! This one is

Great! I picked this one up from Shelleden's Shop. She has a very nice

selection of both crochet and knitted items and patterns.

How cute are these??? I can't wait to make these and display them

on my table at the local craft market! Sylver allows you to sell

your finished items, just asks for you to give her credit for the


This is very cute. Who hasn't needed a tooth fairy pillow at one

time or another? This will make cute gifts for Mothers-to-be.

I picked this adorable pattern up at Jaybird's Designs

Will all these new patterns, I'm sure to be busy for a while. I will continue to shop for patterns on Etsy and Ravelry to replace the thousands of patterns I lost during Hurricane Katrina, so if you see something you think I'll like, please post a comment & link here or email me at!

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BubbleGirl said...

Great patterns, I love Sylver. I sell those booties in my Etsy shop too, they are so easy to make. I have to check out the other patterns, thanks for sharing them!