Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have been tagged!

I was "tagged" by Laura of Laura's Left Hook!!! Remember playing Tag, You're It as a child? Well here's your chance to play it again (if you wish). Just remember to follow the instructions below and have fun!

Here are the rules:
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Random Things About Me:

1. I was born in Metairie, LA but was raised in Kiln, MS ( home of Brett Farve! I actually went to school with him and yes, we were friends) Since I was 18, I've lived in Bay Saint Louis, MS; where Hurricane Katrina made landfall!

2. I have turned our guest room into a "yarn haven" and it's so stuffed, I think the boys rooms will be next. LOL.

3. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Myself & my younger sister are my parents only "natural children"; the others we adopted out of the foster care program. My 3 brothers are "natural brothers". My parents started keeping foster children when I was 10 & Julie was 7. They wanted more children but Mom kept miscarrying for an unknown reason. So they chose foster care adoptions. I wouldn't change it for the world. I love them all, even though they came to us when we were half grown!

4. I am the only "crafty" person in my family except my youngest son who draws very well. Everyone else gets me to make everything for them. They usually pay me, even though I don't ask them too. This is great too because I can make them all handmade gifts for Christmas and never have to worry about someone else making the same type of things.

5. I love to do all types of crafts so I may stop crocheting for a bit to try something new, but in the end, crocheting is what I truely love. It really helps me relax and unwind.

6. I went to college for retail management and worked in that field most of my life, but now I work in the family business as a carpenter. I am so much more relaxed and really love building things. I work with my Dad and he thinks I'm crazy... LOL

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This has been lots of fun and a great way to run across wonderful Blogs that I didn't know was out there! I hope you choose to play and enjoy the great blogs along the way!

still trying to learn knitting

I have been working on learning to knit for about 5 months. With no-one around who knits and no local yarn shops it's been an uphill battle to say the least.

A friend of mine on Ravelry suggested because they offer free videos for each basic step of knitting as well as advanced techniques when your ready. And it is great! I think I'll learn alot from this site!

Here are a few other sites I have also found: is a site full of instructions! It also teaches full crochet instructions as well. is a cute site which seems very easy to follow!

With all these wonderful instructional sites, I should be knitting in no time! I have set a personal goal for myself to work on knitting at least 3 hours each week.

If anyone else is learning how to knit as well, please post a comment and lets work together!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little off topic, but I wanted to share!

Well, the school year has definitly begun. My daughter had a wonderful first day of college yesterday and she's very excited. She is going to school to be a child psychologist. She wants to go straight through to get her master's degree, get a job, then study for her PHD.

My boys are loving school. My oldest son is starting in beginner band (6th grade) and gets to go buy his saxaphone on Thursday night. He's very excited too! My youngest son will be signing up for his first year in soccer on Saturday afternoon. I know he's starting alot later in life than everyone else but he just decided he wanted to play. Our neighbor plays on the varsity boys team, so they have been practicing all summer and he thinks Will is very good already!

I am so happy that school is getting off to a great start this year. Last year, we moved into our house 3 days before school started so it was really crazy for the first few weeks.

I will post some pics of the kids and their new hobbies as soon as I can snap some!

** Change of plans** My youngest son has decided to do gymnastics instead of soccer! I'm so excited, I took gymnastics when I was young too!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August Book Review!

EASY CROCHET ACCESSORIES 30+ fun and fashioable projects

This book is absolutly amazing! Such a wide variety of projects to crochet in no time! Every project I have tried from this book has worked up really fast and easily. 128 pages, packed full of color photos, great stitch illustrations and easy to follow instructions; it's a book you just have to add to your collection!

Carol Meldrum has done a terrific job in fulfilling the wishes of all crocheters who like to do quick and easy projects! Featuring pillows, belts, shrugs, bags, jewelry, hats and so much more; this book will keep you busy for a long time to come.

33 projects in all; with crochet times ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours; Carol has made my day! With 3 kids and a dear hubby and a full-time job in construction, I am a very busy woman. Projects that are elegant, yet quick to make are perfect for me. I can sit down in the little bit of free time I have and create something wonderful!

My favorite project by far, is the Open Mess Shrug. My 18 year old daughter and her college friends love this. I have made them in a wide range of bright colors including: mango, berry blue, grape, sunshine yellow, black and white. I'm sure they'll request more colors in the near future. It takes me about 4 hours to make one, which is great considering how fashionable they are!

This book would make a great gift for anyone on your list; even the beginner! I highly recommend this to anyone who crochets, or wants to learn to crochet. With the wonderful illustrations of stitches in this book, you could definitly improve your crocheting as a beginner!

WAY TO GO, CAROL MELDRUM!!! We thank you! :)

New patterns I picked up!

While searching around Etsy yesterday, I picked up 4 new patterns!

I picked up the pattern for these adorable baby work boots from

Cape Cod Consignments. She has a wonderful array of products

patterns. She even allows you to sell your finished products!

I've been searching for an easy sock pattern and I found it! This one is

Great! I picked this one up from Shelleden's Shop. She has a very nice

selection of both crochet and knitted items and patterns.

How cute are these??? I can't wait to make these and display them

on my table at the local craft market! Sylver allows you to sell

your finished items, just asks for you to give her credit for the


This is very cute. Who hasn't needed a tooth fairy pillow at one

time or another? This will make cute gifts for Mothers-to-be.

I picked this adorable pattern up at Jaybird's Designs

Will all these new patterns, I'm sure to be busy for a while. I will continue to shop for patterns on Etsy and Ravelry to replace the thousands of patterns I lost during Hurricane Katrina, so if you see something you think I'll like, please post a comment & link here or email me at!