Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little off topic, but I wanted to share!

Well, the school year has definitly begun. My daughter had a wonderful first day of college yesterday and she's very excited. She is going to school to be a child psychologist. She wants to go straight through to get her master's degree, get a job, then study for her PHD.

My boys are loving school. My oldest son is starting in beginner band (6th grade) and gets to go buy his saxaphone on Thursday night. He's very excited too! My youngest son will be signing up for his first year in soccer on Saturday afternoon. I know he's starting alot later in life than everyone else but he just decided he wanted to play. Our neighbor plays on the varsity boys team, so they have been practicing all summer and he thinks Will is very good already!

I am so happy that school is getting off to a great start this year. Last year, we moved into our house 3 days before school started so it was really crazy for the first few weeks.

I will post some pics of the kids and their new hobbies as soon as I can snap some!

** Change of plans** My youngest son has decided to do gymnastics instead of soccer! I'm so excited, I took gymnastics when I was young too!

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