Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Writing my own patterns

Hello to all my readers. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to try to write my own patterns for my crochet items and I will be adding them to my Etsy shop when they are ready. But don't worry, I will post some here for free, probably, about once a month or so.

If any of you designers have any tips or tricks that you are willing to share to help me get them on paper, please feel free to post here or email me at
thecolorfulbee@yahoo.com I would be very greatful! :)

I do have a few patterns that I did design, but, I'm not exactly sure how to get started writing them in PDF format. As soon as I get that part down, I'll be able to share them with all of you.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blog Linking!

I am wanting to start a blog linking ring for all fellow handcrafters. The way this works is, you let me know what your blog address is and I add it to my list of blogs on my blog, then you in turn, add mine to your list on your blog.

If you are interested in joining this, please let me know. Please remember, only family friendly content will be allowed on my blog. I have children and so do millions of others out there!

Crochet Swap Group

I am interested in joining a crochet group for swaps. I love to share the items I make and love to see things that others make as well.

Swaps that I would consider joining would be:

Christmas ornaments



If any of you know of a good, trustworthy group on the web that I can join, please feel free to post a comment or email me at: thecolorfulbee@yahoo.com

Crocheting for profit

This is a topic that I am all too familiar with. I love making crocheted gift items, so I have tons and tons of them just sitting around. I often wanted to take them to craft fairs and little weekend "markets" around my home, but was always worried of getting into trouble.

Since I am not a very "seasoned" crocheter, I can not design my own patterns, I am very limited to what I can make and sell. Most every pattern that I purchase clearly states that they do not wish you to make and sell items using their patterns. I have found one person who was very willing to allow me to sell the items I make using her patterns, however, I can not sell copies of the patterns themselves. I am very gracious to her for this, so I am including a footnote on the card I attach to them stating who the pattern was designed by.

If we can not sell items we make following patterns that we purchase, how are we to become a productive craft shop? So far, the only way I have found is to contact each seller personally, asking them if they would allow you the rights to sell items made from their patterns if you give them proper credit. Some are willing to allow this under their guidelines, others are not willing to do that at all.

All the items in my shop as of yet are all my personal patterns, passed down from my family members who designed them. When I do upload items I made from another crocheter's patterns, I will make note of it in each items description. That way, they are still getting proper credit in return.

I am currently searching for more designers whom are willing to allow us this option. I would even be interested in maybe giving a portion of each sale to the original designer, if neccessary.

If you are crocheting for profit, please make yourself aware of the copyright laws on handmade crafts at www.creativecommons.org to avoid infringing on someone's original designs. It could save you some heartache later on.

Book Review: Ana Paula Rimoli's "Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet"

On Sale now at Amazon.com ($12.89) and bookstores near you!
This is by far, my favorite crochet pattern book as of yet! It is full of Ana's original Amigurumi Style Toys!
There's so many to choose from, you can't make up your mind what to do first, then next...
Ana says that the inspiration for her Amigurumi designs comes from her two young children, whom of course, love to play with toys.
The designs are very beautiful, yet very easy and quick to complete. Even a beginner can do these in no time!
All patterns are worked "in the round" which makes for quick crochet. They use very basic stitches and techniques and can be worked in different types of yarn, with different size hooks to achieve the sizes you want.
The instructions are very easy to follow, very well laid out in much detail and loaded with tips and pictures to help you finish them off in style.
The book is loaded with great, colorful photos and written text, which makes it great for you to share with your little loved ones. They will love choosing which animal or treat they want you to make! :)
You can visit Ana's Etsy store to purchase single patterns!
Or visit her blog and tell her how much you love her book!
I definitly recommend this book to everyone who loves to crochet. 5 STARS!
*please check back often. and be sure to look for my next book review in June!

Monthly Book Review!

Announcement: Starting today, I will do a MONTHLY BOOK REVIEW on crochet books.

The reviews will be on crochet in general so expect content of reviews to cover topics such as:

Tips and tricks books, pattern books, technique books, pattern designer autobiographies,

seasonal crochet books, crochet magazines and much more.

If you have a favorite that you wish me to review and blog about, please email me at:

thecolorfulbee@yahoo.com and include "book review suggestion" in your subject line.

How do you get kids interested in crochet?

I love to learn new things, new techniques, new crafts, new everything... I guess you can say, "I thirst for knowledge of everything". I always hoped my children would be the same way and want to at least try stuff once before they decide they don't want to do it.
My daughter, who is now 18, never had an interest in crafts at all. My boys, ages 11 and 9, like to do crafts, but not "sissy ones" as they call it. So learning to crochet is not one of their priorities and it breaks my heart. My nieces are kind of interested but get really frusterated when they can not do it right away. They have no patience, they get that from their mom! :) (I can say that honestly, she's my little sister)
So, how do you suppose I can get them to sit down and become interested in learning? I will be on a quest for the answers to this question and will post my findings here in a later post.
Anyone having suggestions or comments can comment on this post. Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly blog, so no profanity or adult content of any kind is allowed!

Until then,

A few of my favorite crochet places

  • Monster Crochet- www.monstercrochet.com This site has some of the most unique and "out of the box" crochet items and patterns that I have ever seen. I love this site and will definitly be stopping by often. She also has a wonderful blog to accompany the site.
  • Flickr- www.flickr.com A great way to show off your crochet talents and meet people just like you who love to crochet as much as you do. I love this place!
  • Etsy- www.etsy.com This is the place to be if you are into selling your handmade items of any kind. It's the home of my store The Colorful Bee Gifts! Join! Thats the only thing I can say!!!
  • Crochet Kim- www.crochetkim.com This is a wonderful site that offers free patterns and also has patterns for sale. They are all her own works.
  • Crochet Memories- www.crochetmemories.com This is a lovely site full of crochet stuff, patterns, news and more! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!
  • Crochet Guild of America- www.crochet.org The best place ever for those who love to crochet! Everyone should join if they can. It's a great deal for a small price!

What crochet means to me?

I thought I might just take the time to explain exactly what crochet means to me...
When I was about 8 years old, my favorite Uncle found the love of his life. She was an exciting, beautiful young woman from Canada, with the biggest heart I've ever known. They married very quickly at the age of only 22 and were living a fairytale life, not having alot of money, so to speak, but in the sense that nothing could come between their love. Shortly after, she became very ill with heart trouble. She struggled through everyday life, but never let me see just how sick she was. She was just life my best friend. I adored and idolized her! On my 13th birthday, she gave me a crochet hook and lots of scrap yarn and tons of her original patterns as a gift and began to teach me to crochet. I learned the chain stitch, then the single and double crochet; I practiced every day. I had not yet learn how to put them together, because I wanted to have the stitches down pat before trying to make anything.
One afternoon, I was wisked up out of bed by my Dad and Mom whom only told me they had to run out for a bit and that I had to go to the neighbors. Immediatly I could "feel" in my soul that my Aunt, My Best Friend, had passed away. Yet, they assured me that she was just sick. I KNEW better. I just KNEW. And I was right. My best friend, whom I loved so dearly, died of a massive heart attack at the age of 27! Imagine how disstraught I was. I felt so alone, so hurt and most of all, really mad at her for not telling me how sick she was and for not telling me goodbye.
I know now that those feelings were selfish, but then, I knew no better.
I immediatly threw my crochet items into a box and put them away. I no longer wanted to learn. I had no need to, my crochet partner was gone.

Move now to age 20. I met the man of my dreams, my husband and children's father. His Mother crocheted all day, everyday. When she asked if I knew how or wanted to learn how I told her about my situation and feelings. She calmly told me that maybe relearning to crochet and making some items would ease the pain and help me let go of the hurt I had all those years. And she also said it would make my Aunt so proud! So I began to learn again. I crocheted alot for a few years, then every now and then and then it just fizzled out, as most things do.
My Mother-in-law passed away almost 3 years ago and now that I've picked the crochet hook up again, I feel at peace, as if she's right there telling me "oops, you missed a stitch". And I love it. I feel so close to both of them when I crochet and it warms my heart.
So, every item in my shop is dedicated to my inspirations from above!!!
I love you gals, my angels on my crochet hook!


Welcome to the Hive!

I am just starting this blog as an addition to my Etsy store. I will be having a custom layout designed, and will be adding lots of fun things to see and do!
Please check back often to see how it's coming along!
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