Saturday, May 3, 2008

What crochet means to me?

I thought I might just take the time to explain exactly what crochet means to me...
When I was about 8 years old, my favorite Uncle found the love of his life. She was an exciting, beautiful young woman from Canada, with the biggest heart I've ever known. They married very quickly at the age of only 22 and were living a fairytale life, not having alot of money, so to speak, but in the sense that nothing could come between their love. Shortly after, she became very ill with heart trouble. She struggled through everyday life, but never let me see just how sick she was. She was just life my best friend. I adored and idolized her! On my 13th birthday, she gave me a crochet hook and lots of scrap yarn and tons of her original patterns as a gift and began to teach me to crochet. I learned the chain stitch, then the single and double crochet; I practiced every day. I had not yet learn how to put them together, because I wanted to have the stitches down pat before trying to make anything.
One afternoon, I was wisked up out of bed by my Dad and Mom whom only told me they had to run out for a bit and that I had to go to the neighbors. Immediatly I could "feel" in my soul that my Aunt, My Best Friend, had passed away. Yet, they assured me that she was just sick. I KNEW better. I just KNEW. And I was right. My best friend, whom I loved so dearly, died of a massive heart attack at the age of 27! Imagine how disstraught I was. I felt so alone, so hurt and most of all, really mad at her for not telling me how sick she was and for not telling me goodbye.
I know now that those feelings were selfish, but then, I knew no better.
I immediatly threw my crochet items into a box and put them away. I no longer wanted to learn. I had no need to, my crochet partner was gone.

Move now to age 20. I met the man of my dreams, my husband and children's father. His Mother crocheted all day, everyday. When she asked if I knew how or wanted to learn how I told her about my situation and feelings. She calmly told me that maybe relearning to crochet and making some items would ease the pain and help me let go of the hurt I had all those years. And she also said it would make my Aunt so proud! So I began to learn again. I crocheted alot for a few years, then every now and then and then it just fizzled out, as most things do.
My Mother-in-law passed away almost 3 years ago and now that I've picked the crochet hook up again, I feel at peace, as if she's right there telling me "oops, you missed a stitch". And I love it. I feel so close to both of them when I crochet and it warms my heart.
So, every item in my shop is dedicated to my inspirations from above!!!
I love you gals, my angels on my crochet hook!


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