Thursday, July 3, 2008

My weekend experiments.....

This weekend, I will be experinenting with some new projects and items to put into my shop. I will being trying my hand at felting (again) and will attempt to make vases and bowls. I will also be trying to take some of my original patterns from my head to paper so that I can sell those in my shop as well.

My neighbor would like to learn how to crochet, so, I will be helping her with that this weekend too... Boy is my plate full.

I am totally going shopping for yarn first thing in the AM, as I've found out that you can't felt with synthetic yarns, and thats all I have as of yet. I have ordered some alpaca yarns off the web, but just can't wait until they arrive next week. I'm raring to go now!!! A friend of mine from the EtsyHookers Team has instructed me on how to felt my projects and what types of yarn to use, so I'm ready to go! Please check her SHOP out, as she is my inspiration. Her felted projects are totally awesome!

Have a Safe and Wonderful 4th Of July!!! Please be cautious over the weekend!

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