Monday, July 7, 2008

Do you shop Etsy? Check out my 10 Favorite Shops!

I love to shop ETSY for all my gift giving needs. Etsy is a wonderful place where artists & handcrafters can showcase and sell their One of a kind items! I love to browse through the shops when I'm looking for inspiration; when I need a little boost of confidence; when I am in a rutt and don't feel motivated to make another item for my shop; and most of all, when I'm ready to shop!!! I love giving handmade gifts rather than mass marketed items.

So with that said, let me introduce you to my 10 Favorite Shops on Etsy!!! (don't be sad if your shop is not on the list; I have about 80 marked as favorites on Etsy)

If you are in the mood for something elegant, stunning, decorative and useful for your home, then check out the first two shops on my list!

Valerie's Gallery Offers wonderfully hand crocheted and felted bowls, vases and trays. She has single items and many items come in sets of 3 or 4. Her nesting bowls are one of my favorite items.

Papaver Vert Offers beautifully hand crocheted and felted bowls, vases, pillows, trays and many others. There you will find single items or sets. The pillows there are "to die for"!

If you are in the mood for some "Yummy" treats to give to that cute little one in your family, look no further! This next shop has just what you need!

Yarn Yums Lollipops, French Fries, Eggs and Bacon... the list goes on and on! These crocheted treats are sure to please your little one.

If you need something elegant to wear for that night on the town, you'll want to visit the next shop on the list! Girls, your going to love this place!!!

Modern Ambition Beautiful capelets, shawls and hats are the hot items in this shop! Elegant enough to wear with your favorite dress, yet casual enough to wear with your favorite blouse and jeans for a night at the club!

Are you looking for a unique gift for the knitter or crochet you love? Want to liven-up your knitting or crocheting experience? Look no further... the next shop on my list is the place to be!!!

Scary Merry Wanna get noticed? Get yourself some of these cool, hip and freaky accessories! Scary Merry offers hand-made polymer clay stitch markers (for both crochet and knit), knitting needles and crochet hooks; as well as the occassional necklace charm. Featuring sets such as: Jack and Zero from the Nightmare Before Christmas, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Summer Popsicle Treats, Day Of The Dead, Hotdogs, Pac Man and the Ghosts, ect... The list goes on and on. Her items are very reasonably priced and are well worth what you spend!

Love gourmet & decorative soaps? Like to display unique soaps in the bathrooms of your home? Wanna give your loved ones that extra touch of love with organic soaps? Then your going to love the next shop on my list!

Shine Your Hiney Soap Co. The soaps here are so seductive and sweet. Cute as a button and all made right from the hands of the shop owner. Only the finest ingredients go into her heavenly items. So get on over there and grab some soap to "Shine Your Hiney" with!!!

Beaded Jewelry is wonderful! But the next shop on my list has taken this art to the extreme!!! Her designs are very intracate, delicate and oh so lifelike!!! Wear one of these babies out on the town and you'll be the "Hot Topic" all night!!!

Pink Pooch Designs Audry Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, the list of celebrities is endless! Staci's recreations of movie scenes on her bracelets are wonderful. Words can't describe the love and effort she has put into these works of art. Have a look for yourself. You'll be in awe!!! If you are looking for something special, convo her and she will hook you up!

Do you have someone in your life who could use a little "Pick me up"? Stop by the next shop on my list and grab yourself something cute, I mean ugly, well Beastly is the best way to describe these awesome creatures!!!

Misfits Jenna's Misfits are totally cool! Their beastly faces are too cute to pass up! These plushies are just what the "mad doctor" ordered! Grab yourself two or three and share them with a friend!

Do you love silver jewelry? I know I do... Thats why this next shop is on my list. Ilene has put lots of love and hard work into her unique designs and boy has it paid off! Take a look at what she has to offer and I'm sure you'll find something you love.

Ilene Hacker's Designs Pendants and necklaces made of silver, coupled with gems are the perfect way to make someone's day! Asymetrical designs, fringed pendants, silver cuff bracelets! WOW! I love it!

Last but certainly not least is the Phunky Shop where you can get just about anything!!! Jeans, hats, shoes, plushies and so much more! If your into funky wearables, visit the last shop on my list!

Phun Wears Phun Wears offers cool, hip and of course "Phunky" wearables for everyone! This shop is the place to be if you have a teen who's hard to shop for. I'm sure there's lots of items there that will please them! Check it out!!!

So, this sums up my 10 Favorite Etsy Shops list! Please visit again to find more great links and lists of great crochet and crafty places to see on the web!!!


Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Nice list, those are some of my faves too. = )

Rebecca said...

Love your list, I have so many fav shops and I love to find more! So thank you! ;)

hacker.ilene said...

Thank you so much for listing my etsy shop on your site. I was very happy to see my jewelry listed as one of your etsy shop favorites. I love to make Sterling Silver jewelry and have enjoyed selling on the Internet. I am still fairly new at it and hope to get better in the future. Thanks so much for your support. Good luck with all you do.

Ilene Hacker