Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tawashis are so cute, quick & easy to make, and so much fun! I purchased a new book from called "TAWASHIS IN CROCHET", which has 19 different patterns in it. So far, each one that I have made has taken less than 45 minutes to complete! This is great little "take-along" project for appointments and such. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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crochet group

I am wanting to start a crochet group in my area, since there are none listed under any of the searches I have done. If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about this, please let me know.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A gift I received in the mail today

This is my adorable new blood pressure kit for school. I was searching all over the internet for a cute alternative to the all black set I have for school when I came across this. My hubby told me to go ahead an order it because I was working so hard to make all A's in school. He said I deserve it for all the late nights of studying. He's so sweet! Thats why I love him so!!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

work in progress

This pattern was purchased from Sweet Crochet Design by Lilla Dolce. I am currently making one for myself. I love her scarf designs, I will be purchasing a few more sometime this week. Check her blog out. Its listed in the side column of this blog.

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Turkeyzilla bag with change purse

Tomorrow I will be shopping for the yarn to make this unique tote bag. The pattern was purchased at

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

John's 40th b-day get-together.

the teen-age kids decided to get him a My Little Pony cake for his birthday. And on the cake it reads "happy birthday princess". Miriah gets hime a funnybcake every year, but I think this one beats all others. He had a blast today with family and friends.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Poppy and Amelia. I love this picture!

My Honey and Amelia. Notice she is using her Poppy's wrench as a teething ring... as yes she did cut a tooth this way. Lol

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Check it out!

I just joined a great organization; Craft Hope for the Earth! You can find the link to the right of the posts on my blog. This is an organization that helps charities or good causes whenever needed. Whether you sew, knit or crochet; you can help. The current charity work being done is for the Oil spill clean-up of wildlife in all the Southern Coast States. All you need to do is purchase or make small hand towels or wash rags in groups of 10 or 20 and purchase a bottle of Dawn brand dishwashing liquid and get it in the mail by August 8th. They will be distributed to ALL states, directly to the wildlife organizations in charge, such as Sand Hill or Audubon, for the sole purpose of washing oil-covered animals. There is a huge need for thousands of wash cloths due to the fact that after being used just two or three times, the oil will no longer come out and they have to be diguarded. I am definitly sending in as many as I can and hope that you all can help too. Just follow the link to the right and read about the current efforts to save our native wildlife!

A few of the "scrap afghans" I made recently.

These afghans were all made using "scrap yarn" that my mom picked up at a yard sale. She bought 2 lawn-sized garbage bags of yarn for $5.00. She doesn't crochet, she picked it up for me since she knows that I spend So Much Money buying yarn. Some of the yarn was full skeins with no labels, others were little balls, some had big knots in them that I had to cut away, and a few had alot of frayed spots in them. So far, I've made four bed-sized afghans; two 3-foot baby afghans, and about 50 wash cloths and tawashis. I still have a basket full of 10 to 20 yard balls of mixed colors left to work with. I think this was a huge bargain! And I really enjoyed the freedom of just picking up the hook and getting to work without having to plan a patterns colors, then shop for the necessary yarns. Can't wait to find another great deal like this!!!

Miriah graduated college!

Miriah graduated, May 19, 2010; from Pearl River Community College with an Associates Degree of the Arts. She is returning to college at University of Southern Mississippi in the Fall to continue her education. She is planning on continuing to a Master's Degree in English Arts and Language. She wants to be a Professor. Here's a pic from her graduation. We are so proud of her. She's such a wonderful Mommy and a great student! Extremely talented!

Pictures of Amelia Jane!

I've been promising to post pictures of our grand daughter, so here they are... finally.

She's my Honey Bee!

Book Review!

Here is a book review on two outstanding books I have read. They are "crochet related" but not crochet books. They are the first two of three books in what is called a Crochet Mystery Series by Betty Hectman. Each book builds on the one before, however, they are stand-alone stories. They feature a crochet pattern that is used in the story as well as a recipe that was cooked in the story. Both of which can be found in the last few pages of the books.

In The first book, Molly Pink, the main character, finds herself joining a crochet group (The Tarzana Hookers) even though she can't crochet. Through the course of the book, she learns to crochet, finds a passion for crocheting she never thought she could have and solves a msyterious murder. This title was thrilling and didn't give a hint as to "who done it" until the last few pages!!! Thumbs Up!!!

In the second book, Molly Pink and The Tarzana Hookers are really getting along with their charity work and getting over the murder they were all somehow tied up in, until another mysterious murder happens in an antique shop that they are all visiting. The story progresses with full suspence until the very end!!! Thumbs Up Again!!!

I will be purchasing the last of the three books this weekend and hope to have it read before I return back to school on the 6th. At only $6.99 each for paperback (less than that if you have a membership card for Barnes & Noble) you can't beat it. A great read, a great pattern, and a wonderful recipe all for less than $10 is a steal!!! I highly recommend these to everyone; and I sincerely hope that book 3 won't be the last of the series by Betty! Guess I'm going to have to get her address and write her beggin for more. LOL

Until Next Time, Enjoy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

School is going very well. I am absolutly loving it! So far, straight A's!!! (Yay Me!) I squeeze in my crocheting whenever I can and am still enjoying it so much. Crochet really releases the tension when other things will not. There is nothing more satisfying than realizing you have completed another "heirloom" item. I have made my grand daughter 2 afghans, one for each of my sons and 1 for myself and my husband. Now I am working on 1 for my daughter. I am also working on a tiny purse. Amelia is now sitting up and playing with toys and everything that has a strap or cord, she hangs it over her arm like we carry our purse, so I figured why not make her a purse.

I'll be posting lots of pics of my latest crocheted creations, my family and some of school... (probably will be done after exams next week)

Until then, enjoy your crochet!