Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Review!

Here is a book review on two outstanding books I have read. They are "crochet related" but not crochet books. They are the first two of three books in what is called a Crochet Mystery Series by Betty Hectman. Each book builds on the one before, however, they are stand-alone stories. They feature a crochet pattern that is used in the story as well as a recipe that was cooked in the story. Both of which can be found in the last few pages of the books.

In The first book, Molly Pink, the main character, finds herself joining a crochet group (The Tarzana Hookers) even though she can't crochet. Through the course of the book, she learns to crochet, finds a passion for crocheting she never thought she could have and solves a msyterious murder. This title was thrilling and didn't give a hint as to "who done it" until the last few pages!!! Thumbs Up!!!

In the second book, Molly Pink and The Tarzana Hookers are really getting along with their charity work and getting over the murder they were all somehow tied up in, until another mysterious murder happens in an antique shop that they are all visiting. The story progresses with full suspence until the very end!!! Thumbs Up Again!!!

I will be purchasing the last of the three books this weekend and hope to have it read before I return back to school on the 6th. At only $6.99 each for paperback (less than that if you have a membership card for Barnes & Noble) you can't beat it. A great read, a great pattern, and a wonderful recipe all for less than $10 is a steal!!! I highly recommend these to everyone; and I sincerely hope that book 3 won't be the last of the series by Betty! Guess I'm going to have to get her address and write her beggin for more. LOL

Until Next Time, Enjoy!!!

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