Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My current work in progress list: (I get bored doing one thing all the time so I tend to work on many projects at once)

Halloween & Christmas wreaths are crocheted, I just have to put them together.

Baggie Cat I started a few months ago??? Don't know why I can't seem to finish that one.

Spiral granny square, just have to frame it and display it somewhere.

King size granny square afghan for my bed. Just started this one.

Party dress for Amelia's first birthday in October. Just started this one as well.

Many Christmas ornaments and decorations for gifts since money is tight this year. Been. Working on these a while.

So, as you can see, I have been and will continue to be very busy for the.next few months.

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Faith said...

lots to see....hope you post about all of it....love to look at the crochet projects. Amelia's dress is so pretty, and love those grannies...just don't like connecting them...I thought the ripple was hard to..that's why I have not ever made one. The first two rows seem to set the pattern,and after that it just flows.Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love to meet and chat with new people.. I hope that you visit again..