Monday, September 15, 2008

So crazy here... thank goodness I have my crocheting to calm me...

I have been so busy with the kids in school, work and the recent hurricanes down south. Our city got a good bit of water from both, but not any major damage. I really feel for those in Fla, La & Tx who have suffered so much. I know what they are going through.

Thank goodness that I have my crocheting to calm me. I have made literally tons of new items over the last 3 weeks. I just haven't had any time to post pics or list them in my shop on Etsy yet. I have to "sweet talk" my daughter and her friends to come model everything so that I can get some realistic pictures of all my stuff. I have asked around and most people say that once they started getting "life-like" pictures of their items, their sales went up a good bit than it was with the pictures of the stuff lying flat.

Hopefully, I will get some of them up by this weekend. I am in the process of designing 3 new items for the fall and winter seasons: a cowl & 2 new artistic scarves. I will also be working on some Christmas doilies and ornaments.

Until next time, happy hookin'!

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