Friday, June 6, 2008

Crochet for the "Hip Girly Teens"

As we all know, teen-aged girls can be so picky, and why not, they are defining their style and character in this stage of their life. So, how do you get them to become interested in an "Old Persons Hobby" as my children call it? You give them projects that are quick, simple and oh so cute! Here are a few suggestions on items they may enjoy making for themselves, their friends or even for profit:
Amigurumi Toys
Hats in the round
Scarfs and Belts
Crochet and beaded jewelry
Small purses

You can find patterns for these types of items in your local craft or yarn stores or even on Etsy! Give them something cute and girly to start learning with and you'll be giving them a hobby to enjoy for a lifetime!

*Note: statistics say that young women and girls ages 25 and under make up about 1/2 the current crochet population! It's the hobby from that past that coming back with a vengence (and tons of hip new patterns too)!

*Crochet is great exercise for people who suffer from arthiritus and carpal tunnel syndrome. My doctor recommened that I start crocheting again after my broken wrist healed to regain range of motion again!!! Who Knew?


Jewelry2Love said...

We definitely have things in common, I crochet too.

The Colorful Bee said...

Wow! Thats awesome! Thanks for visiting my blog!