Sunday, August 1, 2010

Granny square afghan WIP

This is the first 20 squares of my new afghan. This is the first time I have blocked any of my projects and am anxious to see the outcome. I havequite a few more made already, but I think I need to make about 70 more to be done. I will continue to post pictures as the work progresses.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am so excited, my kids go back to school this Thursday and my oldest son is marching in the high school band!

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Mrs Twins said...

I think blocking does make a difference, of course years ago I had never heard of it.
Only when I have been on Flickr and Blogland have I learnt this.
Hugs Suex

Posy Linda said...

Kimmi, your WIP is so colorful. Blocking makes a world of difference. The pieces will go together beautifully. I was so pleased to find you from Mrs Twins SIBOL and I look forward to another visit soon.

The Colorful Bee said...

Thanks Mrs. Twins and Posy Linda. You are both kind.

@Posy Linda, I joined your blog as well. I love it. Glad we were able to "hook up" through Mrs. Twins.

Posy Linda said...

Sweet Kimmi, you darling girl! Thanks for joining PosyLinda. That Mrs Twins is a very special lady and I'm so proud to know her. You are very kind Kimmi. Thanks again, Linda and Posy too!

Clare said...

This is beautiful. I love the colours and I will block my work from now on as it really does make the world of difference. Just come across your blog. Very nice.

Clare x

The Colorful Bee said...

Thanks Clare. I am loving the way this project is coming out with the blocking.